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Aprenda Inglês com “Hungry Cat”

Hello alunos de Inglês e bem vindos a mais uma aula Inglêspetacular. Esta é uma aula intermediária e será ministrada em Inglês. Você iniciante pode usar as mesmas regras de pronúncia das minhas aulas básicas em Português.

In this intermediate English lesson about a hungry cat, you will acquire new vocabulary, pronunciation and conversation skills.

The Story

As a student I ate my meals at a seaside boarding-house. The landlady was a good cook and, as her husband was a fisherman, we always ate fish for dinner. Eventually I got tired of it, and started slipping it under the sofa, where the family cat would find and devour it.
This worked very successfully until one day the landlady tiptoed up behind me and said, “Young man it’s a good time to tell you that our cat was run over by a truck three weeks ago.”

Vocabulary Practice

Mark the best choice.

  1. A ‘boarding-house’ is a ………..
    1. building which is near the sea
    2. kind of very expensive hotel
    3. house renting room(s) and food
    4. kind of school with a pool
  2. A ‘landlady’ is a woman who ……..
    1. is old and weak
    2. keeps a boarding-house
    3. has a lot of money
    4. only looks after her family
  3. ‘Eventually’ means …..
    1. naturally
    2. in the end
    3. meanwhile
    4. happily
  4. A fisherman is someone who….
    1. carries something to somewhere
    2. catches fish for pleasure or business
    3. walks on the tips of your fingers
    4. goes away to some place to hide
  5. To ‘devour’ here means to …..
    1. look at something angrily
    2. play with something
    3. throw something away
    4. eat something hungrily
  6. To ‘tiptoe’ means to ……
    1. walk quietly on the toes
    2. say something softly
    3. hit something by foot
    4. run towards something
  7. To ‘run over’ means to…..
    1. hit something while running
    2. drive over something
    3. take something away
    4. steal something from a place

Questions for Discussion

  1. What point is funny in the story?
  2. What would you do if you were the student?
  3. What can probably be found under the sofa now?


  1. Now you tell your friend(s) the story in your own words.
  2. Pronounce the following words several times:
    1. Eventually
    2. Devour
    3. Sofa
    4. Tiptoe
    5. Lorry

A Saying

The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

In this lesson you acquired new intermediate level vocabulary, pronunciation and conversation skills with the story of a dead cat. Stay tuned for the next Inglêspetacular lesson and until tomorrow, keep on practicing.

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27 de junho de 2019
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