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Aula com “The Wedding” em Inglês Intermediário

Hello alunos de Inglês e bem vindos a mais uma aula Inglêspetacular. Esta é uma aula intermediária e será ministrada em Inglês. Você iniciante pode usar as mesmas regras de pronúncia das minhas aulas básicas em Português.

In this intermediate English lesson involving a wedding gift, you will acquire new vocabulary, pronunciation and conversation skills.

The Story

Jack and his bride were opening their wedding gifts. After unwrapping each package, Lisa would exclaim enthusiastically, “We really need these towels” or “We’ll enjoy eating off these pretty plates.” Then she opened one very large box. It contained a vacuum cleaner.
“Jack,” Lisa said, “look what you’ve got.”

Vocabulary Practice

Mark the best choice

  1. To ‘unwrap’ means to …..
    1. fasten
    2. break
    3. open
    4. write
  2. ‘Package’ means …….
    1. plate
    2. parcel
    3. room
    4. book
  3. ‘Enthusiastic’ means ……
    1. quite angry
    2. indifferent
    3. with great interest
    4. showing dislike
  4. Another word for ‘vacuum cleaner’ is ……….
    1. electric fan
    2. cleaning machine
    3. Hoover
    4. electric machine

Questions for Discussion

  1. What is funny about this story?
  2. Who do you think should use the vacuum cleaner? Why?


  1. Now you tell your friend(s) the story in your own words.
  2. Pronounce the following words several times:
    1. Unwrap
    2. Package
    3. Enthusiastically
    4. Towel
    5. Vacuum

A Related Proverb

Marriage is like a phone call in the night: first the ring, and then you wake up.

In this lesson you acquired new intermediate level vocabulary, pronunciation and conversation skills with the story of a wedding gift. Stay tuned for the next Inglêspetacular lesson.

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27 de junho de 2019
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